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MadWishPro Cards
MadWishPro Cards
Wish Pro Playing Cards

MadWish Pro Playing cards (English Edition)


After taking a number of shots, no challenge will seem too intimidating. Welcome to the world of MadWish, where all your crazy wishes can be fulfilled!

Order these truth or dare cards and a legendary evening is waiting for you and your friends.

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MadWish Pro playing cards

This is the best deck of playing card’s you’ll ever get to play. It provides the joy of MadWish in a pocket sized form. This is what you need to keep the party going long in the night. Just like the original MadWish, it brings a unique spin to the classic Truth or Dare by adding more categories.  Besides Truth and Dare cards, the game comes with ‘Go Cards’, which have assignments for the entire group, and ‘Snitch Cards’, which lets you choose a person to take a shot. For every refuse, you drink a shot!

  • These are regular playing cards with a twist.
  • Each playing card contains a hilarious Truth, Dare, Go, Shot or Snitch assignment.
  • Shuffle the cards or lay them upside down and the party can begin.
  • This is the ultimate ice breaker!


  • 52 playing cards
  • Rules for the cards

This game was created as a size-pocket of the MadWish Pro game, bestseller on Spencer’s Gifts 

It is perfect for a night with friends out, for pre-drinking or for staying inside and enjoying the night.


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